@naugahydeinplainsight: Your 'baldwin' proposal is so compelling I couldn't register as an io9 member to say this quick enough; "I see what you did there - and it's fucking awesome". I've read the site on and off for a year or more, it was a lone refuge from those who mocked my appreciation of The Sarah Conner… » 7/14/09 8:46am 7/14/09 8:46am

Three of the Greediest Planet-Eating Bastards Ever Created

Now that we've all given up on any pretense at a New Year's diet, it's time to celebrate some of the hungriest people in science fiction: Those so hungry, they could eat an entire planet. Not for these fine folk, the questionable pleasures of a Burger King Whopper or espresso chocolate chip cookie or several; instead, … » 2/05/08 8:00am 2/05/08 8:00am

Suresh Explains Evolution to You on the Interwebs

The last time we saw him, he was betraying all his ideals and messing around with a cheerleader's magical healing blood, but none of that stops Dr. Mohinder Suresh from setting up his own website. Yes, it's part of the Heroes Evolutions multimedia marketing program we wrote about last week. Don't you want to learn more … » 2/04/08 1:30pm 2/04/08 1:30pm

The Next Movie Tie-In Lego Craze

With the news that Lego are to release special sets based on the new Speed Racer movie, two thoughts enter the collective io9 head. The first, that we can't wait for said sets to be released so that we can mix and match them with our Indiana Jones and Star Wars sets for an awesome Racer X/Darth Maul/Nazis showdown,… » 2/01/08 10:00am 2/01/08 10:00am

Stephen Chow Admits CJ7 Is An ET Clone

We've been saying for ages that Stephen Chow's CJ7 is a quasi-remake of ET, and now Chow is sort of admitting it. Says Chow: "I watched [ET] many times... I was amazed that science fiction could be filmed like that. I knew then I wanted to make a movie like that. Spielberg's work inspired me to become a director." CJ7 » 1/30/08 10:00am 1/30/08 10:00am

Genderapocalypse Scifi Comic "Y The Last Man" Ends Gracefully

Anyone feeling that Lost writer Brian K. Vaughan's Y: The Last Man wasn't quite science-fictiony enough will no doubt be happy with the book's sixtieth and final issue, released today. Featuring at least two sci-fi staples along with, you know, actually taking place in the future, the epilogue to the whole story didn't … » 1/30/08 8:00am 1/30/08 8:00am

The Last Glimpse Of The Last Man On Earth

Let the New York Daily News claim that this week in comics is all about the replacement for the dead Captain America. Sure, watching Bucky Barnes go from teen sidekick in WWII to cyborg assassin in the Cold War to new Sentinel of Liberty may be an enjoyable pastime. But for those of us in the know, there's only one » 1/29/08 9:00am 1/29/08 9:00am